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Professional service for Investors:

– Careful selection of projects, we manage “turnkey”
– Dividends 15-40% per annum; capitalization of 10-100% per annum
– Expert risk management and high liquidity
– Investments from $500; co-investment; porfile
– Assets are issued to Investors; Projects under the control of EI

Our priority is the protection of Investors
Our mission is the development of a civilized capital market!

In half a year of work, we achieved:

– Prepared 13 Projects: own – 7; Partners – 6
– Worked out the “Turnkey Management Standard”
– Invested over $400,000 ($100,000 equity)
– Attracted investments in the following areas: Real Estate, Business, Trading
– Attracted investments in 9 Projects
– One project has dividends and one more capitalization of 250%
We are developing a resource for Investors (500+ participants)
We are uniting 50 investment leaders into the Investors Association

Why is it beneficial for the founder:

We optimize the company’s business models, train owners, help improve processes within the accelerator to bring the business to a qualitatively new level.

We analyze your business as a product that will be of interest to investors, we find strengths; we are promoting the project on the investment market.

We work only with proven professional and institutional investors, and our processes are designed to protect the project from unscrupulous investors.

We do not leave the project after receiving the investment. And we continue to accompany for the entire term of the contract


Investment solutions are individual for each client

Investment consulting
– Research of the investment object, risk analysis;
– Investment design of new business;
– Development and implementation of legal financing schemes, business security;
– Selection of the most optimal scheme of investment and attracting capital for the development or current activity of the company or the implementation of the project;
– Selection of the option of the most efficient use of property;
– Justification and development of optimal financing schemes for investment projects;
– Development of a turnkey investment project;
– Justification and development of the mechanism of return of investment resources, protection of investor’s interests, provision of guarantees;
– Related services at all stages of the investment cycle (coordination with antimonopoly authorities, local authorities, negotiations with banks, insurance companies);
– Analysis of the effectiveness of alternative investment directions.

Project financing
– Attracting investments in an amount that significantly exceeds the assets of the investment seeker;
– Implementation of projects that are at the initial stage;
– Structuring project risks between project participants;
– Suspension of servicing the investor’s interests during the withdrawal of the projected production capacity.

Implementation of investment projects
– Determination of the organizational and legal form — the project will be implemented on the basis of an existing organization or a new business entity will be created for it;
– Establishing a circle of responsible persons – they will be responsible for the implementation of the project, manage the full cycle of operation of the investment business project and be responsible for the results obtained;
– Determination of funds that will be used for the operation of the investment direction that is being created;
– Determination of the main economic characteristics or parameters – these include the rules of product pricing, the order of its implementation on the market, means of creating advertising, measures of competition with similar projects


Preparation of Projects:

– Selection of projects
– Comprehensive check

Preparation of Projects:

– Formation of investment policy
– Packaging and legal registration

Work with the Investor:

– Development of an individual investment strategy

Work with the Investor:

– Selection of projects
– Negotiations and agreement

Investor support:

– Financial control of the project and reporting to the investor

Investor support:

– Risk management and strengthening of the project with Smart Financial Solutions, LLC resources

Clients and partners

Criteria according to which the project examination is carried out

We treat the audit and analysis of investment projects as carefully as possible


– Together with project founders, we study the attractiveness of the project for investors, develop business models for maximum benefit and protection of all parties
– Specialists study the company’s structure, business models, and the company’s internal business processes
– The financier studies financial documents and conducts a financial audit for the past 2 years
– A specialist goes to production or a group of niche experts study the product
– A marketer studies the market, niche, marketing indicators, audits the project to determine the future of the project
– The lawyer checks the business documents and the documents of the project owner

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